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What Is The Difference Between A Kitchen Remodel vs. Renovation?

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People often use “renovation” and “remodel” interchangeably when referring to their home and kitchen projects. Suppose you are planning on making kitchen improvements. In that case, it is best to understand the difference between a kitchen remodel vs. renovation. Therefore, you know exactly what to ask a contractor. Homeowners often renovate and remodel their kitchens […]

Can Businesses Stay Open during Commercial Property Remodeling?

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During a commercial property remodeling, many business owners ask themselves and others is if their company can stay open during a remodel? Remodeling your business is a great way to enhance the appearance of your space for customers, and depending on your situation, it may be necessary. In addition, remodeling a business presents some challenges […]

The Benefits of Quality Kitchen Carpentry and Remodeling

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If you plan to remodel your kitchen, be sure you get a contractor who provides quality carpentry and remodeling services. The benefits of quality kitchen carpentry and remodeling range from simply enjoying your home and kitchen to increasing your home’s value, to functionality to an updated look and durable construction. Below are 3 reasons to […]

Why You Should Get Contractors to Install Hardwood Flooring

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Getting contractors to install hardwood flooring is one of homeowners’ most popular home improvement choices, thanks to its appearance and durability. Experienced contractors can provide you with quality materials that will help keep your flooring looking beautiful for a long time. Contractors have the knowledge and experience to install hardwood flooring in various home constructions. […]

The Difference between Woodworking and Carpentry

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As people make remodeling or renovation plans for their homes, they can find themselves needing woodworking and carpentry services. When the time to search for these services comes, however, some people can be unsure which professional to call: a woodworker or a carpenter. People often use these terms interchangeably, but each field is notably different. […]

What You Get For A 100k Custom Kitchen Remodel

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Your budget is crucial when planning your custom kitchen remodel, and knowing what you can get for your budget will help you plan your remodel. Our previous blogs talked about the services you can expect with kitchen remodeling budgets of $25-45k and $60-90k. So what do you get for a high-end remodel? One trait that […]

The Different Types of Wooden Floors

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If you are considering adding or changing to hardwood floors in your home, you have many quality options to pick from. Hardwood floors are beloved by homeowners for their durability, longevity, and aesthetics. However, choosing a hardwood floor involves much more than just picking a specific wood species. You also need to decide on the […]

What Does a $60-90k Kitchen Remodel Price Include?

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If you are planning a kitchen remodeling project budget is a critical decision that we want to help you make. What does a $60-90k Kitchen Remodel Price include? In a previous blog, we talked about the features and services you can expect for a kitchen remodeling project of $25-45k. Some of those services included installing […]

The Role of Cabinet Makers in Different Types of Cabinetry

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Cabinet makers are specialized woodworkers who design, fabricate, and assemble cabinetry. Their duties and skills range from cutting and shaping the wood to design to installation and more. So how involved will these woodworkers be in the entire process, from design to installation, depending on the kinds of cabinets their customers buy? Here is how […]

What Do You Get For A Kitchen Remodel For 30k?

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Whenever homeowners plan for a kitchen remodeling project, one of the most important parts of planning is figuring out their budget. The average cost of a kitchen remodeling project ranges anywhere from 20k to 45k. A kitchen remodel for 30k is right in the middle of the average budget, and many homeowners wonder what areas […]

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