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Saturn Construction has worked closely with many business owners over the years to bring new life to their office and commercial spaces. With beautiful remodeling, smart use of built-ins, and quality woodworking, you can rejuvenate your business, your employees, and your customers.

Commercial Remodeling

Our commercial remodeling services can turn old, outdated spaces into new, vibrant businesses. Remodeling your business comes with a host of benefits, such as better use of your current space, a greater chance to impress customers and gain their trust, and the opportunity to increase the value of both the property and your business.

Benefits of Remodeling Your Business

Improved Use of Space

Office renovations or remodels are excellent ways of optimizing your business space. Remodeling can help open up cramped spaces into ones that are both more accessible (making moving from one area to another more manageable, for example) and more comfortable to work in. A new remodel can also improve how organized your space is, making it easier for your employees to know where all of the office equipment or documents are. If your business’s needs have changed over the past few years, a remodel can optimize your current space to better suit your current business needs.

Impress More Customers

First impressions matter, especially when trying to convince customers of the quality of your products and services. Many customers are more likely to choose businesses with attractive building facades, interior design, and more. A space with high-quality flooring or woodworking is more inviting, which can entice more potential customers into coming to your business. Remodeling can also impress previous or returning customers, which is important to solidify brand loyalty.

Increase Property & Business Value

Commercial remodeling increases your business’s property values. LVT or hardwood flooring are two examples of remodels that can noticeably increase your building’s property value. Say an owner is looking to sell their commercial building. A remodel will attract more potential buyers by increasing the property’s value.

Businesses We Serve

We offer our commercial remodeling and carpentry services to various businesses throughout southeastern Pennsylvania. The businesses we have served in the past include the banking industry, real estate, manufacturing, and more.

Our Services


Our carpentry work for kitchens encompasses a variety of services, including remodeling, flooring, built-ins, and more. We can install selected built-ins like cabinets and use or woodworking skills and experience to create custom kitchen cabinetry and furnishings. Whether you want new cabinets, a new island, or a new floor, we can remodel your kitchen.


We have years of experience working on bathrooms, for both commercial and residential projects. Our team uses high-quality wood and other carpentry materials to make your bathroom look as beautiful as ever. Some of the work we do for bathrooms include flooring, remodeling cabinetry, and trim.


Using our woodworking and carpentry experience, we can create beautiful, durable built-ins for your home wherever you need. Many of the built-ins that we can create and install for you include cabinetry, bookshelves, storage shelves, and more. We have also worked on much larger built-ins such as stairs and even ADA ramps. Our built-ins use high-quality wood and make smart use of space.


We recognize that many home and business owners want to remodel their spaces for better aesthetics and greater durability. We have remodeling experience in both residential and commercial spaces, remodeling kitchens, bathrooms, storage rooms, hallways, and more.


Our flooring services, for homeowners and businesses, take advantage of a high-quality luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and exceptional hardwood. 


The Saturn Construction team provides renovations for your home or business. Some of the renovations that we have built and installed in the past include decks, porches, expanded rooms, and finished basements.

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Saturn Construction, LLC. is a construction firm specializing in kitchens & bathrooms, built-ins, remodeling, and renovations. We primarily service southeastern Pennsylvania.

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