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How Much Does A Kitchen Remodel Cost

October 7, 2021

Remodeling the kitchen is an excellent investment for any homeowner. A remodeled kitchen provides a beautiful, functional place to cook, entertain guests, spend family time, or offer a good return on investment for people planning to sell their homes. But, of course, the one question homeowners always ask themselves is how much does a kitchen remodel cost? Such a large project requires careful planning, and the cost can vary depending on a few factors.

What Factors into a Kitchen Remodel Cost

The cost of a kitchen remodeling project depends on many different factors related to your goals and budget. First, how much your kitchen remodeling project costs depends on what you want to remodel and the scope of your project. Do you have an old kitchen that needs entirely new cabinetry, fixtures, appliances, flooring, or even knocked down walls or a room extension? Are you planning on remodeling everything in your kitchen or just installing a few cabinets? The bigger and more extensive your remodel is, the larger budget you need.

The other main factor is how much you are willing to spend. Do you want to save money and make your kitchen remodel as economical and cost-effective as possible? Or are you ready to spend however much is needed to have your dream kitchen with custom cabinetry and exotic materials? Here are a few different options for different price ranges.

Average Kitchen Remodel

The average kitchen remodel costs in the Philadelphia area is between $20-45k, depending on where people live, their home value, product selection, and project scope. Typically, kitchen remodels in this price range will have the same drain and water supply lines. Most of your cost may go towards things like installing cabinetry, flooring, and backsplash tiling. The integral aspects (plumbing, electricity, heating) remain the same, while the budgets mostly go towards updating and improving the appearance, appliances and usability of the kitchen.

Kitchen after remodeling | kitchen remodel cost | Saturn Construction

Midrange Kitchen Remodel

A mid-range kitchen remodeling project is more extensive and detailed than the average remodeling project and typically costs anywhere from $60-90k. Some of the services found in this price range include the following:

  • Moving walls (both bearing and nonbearing)
  • All wiring gutted and starting from scratch
  • New subpanels for new appliances

In addition to the above, the size of the project might be larger or the materials used in remodels in this price range are at the higher end of quality, with more intricate trims and finishes.

Upscale Kitchen Remodel

An upscale kitchen remodel cost can start from around $90k and go as high as the homeowner wants. These remodeling projects include many luxury or specialty additions, such as exotic stone materials, extravagant lighting options, and fully custom cabinetry with exotic wood. The integral parts of the kitchen, like load-bearing walls or the plumbing, may also be heavily altered to match the homeowner’s vision. Overall, because the remodel is highly extensive and the homeowner wants to have their dream kitchen fully realized, the design takes up a more significant portion of the budget than the previous price ranges.

Kitchen with hardwood floor | kitchen remodel cost | Saturn Construction

Reach Out To Saturn Construction LLC for Kitchen Remodeling

Are you planning on remodeling your kitchen? If you are, contact Saturn Construction LLC. The team at Saturn Construction LLC has years of experience providing carpentry, kitchen remodeling, flooring, and many other services in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Our highly qualified and experienced carpenters and contractors work with various materials and styles to bring your dream kitchen to life. For more information on what we offer at different kitchen remodel costs, or to get started on your kitchen remodel, contact us today.