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Saturn Construction Shows When to Remodel Your Kitchen

August 10, 2021

The kitchen is one of the most heavily trafficked rooms in a home, leading to wear and tear over time. That wear and tear add up, and eventually, homeowners will remodel or renovate their kitchens. However, some homeowners may struggle knowing when to remodel a kitchen or identify if their kitchen needs remodeling. We will show you a few signs, and factors to consider, of when to remodel your kitchen.

Signs of When to Remodel Your Kitchen

Knowing when to remodel your kitchen depends on a couple of different factors, with the main one being the current state of your kitchen. Take a good look and objectively evaluate your kitchen, identify both the good and subpar areas. Here are a few ways to assess your kitchen and some factors to consider.

When Your Kitchen Needs Repairs

One of the most apparent signs that your kitchen may need a remodel is if many of the furnishings or fixtures of your kitchen are broken, damaged, and otherwise need repairing or replacing. For example, cracked flooring or backsplashes are strong indications for a needed remodel. Some of your built-in fixtures or appliances, like a microwave or dishwasher, might be malfunctioning, too. Other signs include dents, scratches, and worn-off staining.

You can replace individual furnishings or appliances, but if you have multiple damaged or broken appliances or areas in your kitchen, you should consider a remodel.

Remodeled kitchen with fridge | When to Remodel Your Kitchen | Saturn Construction

When Your Kitchen Is Outdated

In addition to improving conditions or appliances, another good sign of when to remodel your kitchen is if your kitchen style is outdated. Updating style is one of the most popular reasons homeowners remodel or renovate their kitchens, especially if those homeowners plan to sell their houses in the future. An outdated kitchen style is more likely to be an issue if you live in an older house rather than a newly-built one.

Kitchen design has come a long way, with many more modern kitchen styling trends having practical benefits over older styles (easy to clean materials and improved/more practical kitchen layouts, for example.) With a kitchen remodel, you can bring the styling of your kitchen into the modern era and improve the condition and functionality of your space at the same time.

When You Want to Sell Your Home/Increase Resale Value

If you are thinking about when to remodel your kitchen, consider whether you are planning on selling your home in the future and how much value your kitchen remodel adds. Increasing home and resale value is another primary reason why homeowners opt for kitchen remodels and home improvement projects in general.

The value a kitchen remodel adds to your home depends on many factors, such as the scope and remodeling costs of the project, the specific furnishings, appliances, where you live, your local real estate market, and more.

For the most part, mid-range kitchen remodels will have ROIs of around 50-60 percent, which can be significantly higher depending on the previously mentioned factors. Buyers also tend to pay more for recently remodeled kitchens, as that is one of the things buyers first look for in homes.

View of kitchen oven, stove, microwave, and cabinets | When to Remodel Your Kitchen | Saturn Construction

Reach Out To Saturn Construction LLC to Remodel Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen old, outdated, or in need of a remodel? Reach out to Saturn Construction LLC. The team at Saturn is highly qualified and has years of experience in carpentry and kitchen remodeling. We work with many different materials and styles and can help bring your dream kitchen to life. For more information on our services or when to remodel your kitchen, contact us today.