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Can Businesses Stay Open during Commercial Property Remodeling?

During a commercial property remodeling, many business owners ask themselves and others is if their company can stay open during a remodel? Remodeling your business is a great way to enhance the appearance of your space for customers, and depending on your situation, it may be necessary. In addition, remodeling a business presents some challenges for the staff. Your company has to figure out how to accommodate customers during the remodel. This blog will show you if your business can remain open during remodeling and how you can prepare and plan for your commercial remodel.

Can Your Business Stay Open during a Remodel?

In general, yes, your business should be able to stay open and serve customers during a remodel. However, your commercial building remodeling projects may make staying open during operating hours difficult for you and your customers. Some companies in southeastern Pennsylvania, for example, provide services and meet their customers in-person infrequently. Keeping the business open during a renovation to their main offices can be relatively manageable. On the other hand, some companies need to serve customers physically. Depending on the specific remodeling project, regular working hours and serving customers will be challenging.

Businesses can run into a crossroads when having their offices or commercial properties remodeled. It is essential to try and stay open for business while renovating and minimize the effects of the remodel on staff and customers at the same time. So how can you, as a Pennsylvania business owner, work with a contractor or remodeler to resolve the challenges these renovations present? Here are some tips for handling your commercial property remodeling with a contractor.

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Discuss Work Hours & Schedule

One piece of advice we have is that before finalizing any remodeling plans, make sure you discuss your plans to stay open with the contractor. Saturn Construction LLC has provided remodeling and renovation work for many local businesses. We understand how important it is for companies to maintain their regular working hours during a remodel. Therefore, we can advise you on what to expect with the remodeling work. We can also provide a work schedule from start to finish so you can plan around the remodel and always know what is happening with the work.

Make Plans for Where to Work During the Remodel

One of the other things you can do to prepare for commercial property remodeling is to plan where to work during the remodeling process. For example, say you run a business in Horsham and need to block a specific space in your building where a contractor will do the remodeling work. Working with an experienced general contractor like Saturn Construction LLC can help you plan around these issues and figure out ways to accommodate your staff and customers elsewhere. In addition, depending on the work being done, your staff and customers may hear some noise that remodeling a property comes with. So ask your contractor to create buffer zones to minimize the amount of noise during working hours and schedule when the remodeling work is done.

Keep Your Customers Informed

During the remodeling process, you should keep your customers informed about what is going on, how the work may affect them, and what changes you have made to accommodate them. For example, you can inform your customers with signs about what changes the office is undergoing or how your services are affected. Staying connected with customers online can also help by updating your website or emailing. And use the opportunity to get your customers excited about your company’s new look and how that will help improve their experiences or how you will serve them.

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Contact Saturn Construction LLC for Commercial Property Remodeling Services

Do you want to improve and bring new life into your commercial property? Saturn Construction LLC provides quality commercial remodeling services. Our contractors have years of experience providing various remodeling, woodworking, and carpentry services to business owners in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Contact us today to get started on your commercial remodel or more information on our services.

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