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The Role of Cabinet Makers in Different Types of Cabinetry

November 19, 2021

Cabinet makers are specialized woodworkers who design, fabricate, and assemble cabinetry. Their duties and skills range from cutting and shaping the wood to design to installation and more. So how involved will these woodworkers be in the entire process, from design to installation, depending on the kinds of cabinets their customers buy? Here is how cabinet makers are involved with your project and how that may change depending on what cabinets you purchase.

The Different Types of Cabinets, And How Cabinet Makers Are Involved In Your Project

Cabinets are grouped into four distinct categories based on the quality of construction and how homeowners, cabinet makers, and contractors use them throughout a remodeling process. These four types are ready-to-assemble (RTA), stock, semi-custom, and custom. While the cabinet maker is involved in constructing the various cabinet pieces, their range of used skills and techniques varies depending on the project.

Ready-to-Assemble (RTA)

For homeowners looking for the most affordable cabinet options, look for ready-to-assemble (RTA) cabinets. RTA cabinets are the kind of cabinets you find at chain home stores, ones where you need to assemble them yourself. In this instance, a cabinet maker constructs the components of a cabinet to be assembled by someone inexperienced in woodworking. The designs of these cabinets tend to be simple since the maker and manufacturer need to account for people of different DIY skill levels putting the cabinets together and perhaps even installing them.

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Stock cabinets are mass-produced and just about fully assembled, ready to be installed at your home. Cabinet makers will have assembled all of the components of stock cabinets, trimmed and glued the multiple wooden pieces together, and may even install the cabinet depending on whether the homeowner opts to go the professional route over the DIY one. Stock cabinets are constructed from modular units and typically use particleboard covered with plastic laminates or solid wood. These cabinets may offer a relatively limited range of accessories, so if you want or need certain accessories (or sizes), you may have to look towards more custom cabinets.


Semi-custom cabinets allow for some size adjustments and a wide selection of materials and styles. For a semi-custom cabinet, you may be working much more closely with the cabinet maker than if you were to purchase an RTA or stock one. For example, a homeowner who wants custom doors and drawers may work either directly with the cabinet maker or indirectly through a sales representative. In addition, the construction process may be much more involved and complex than with RTA or stock cabinets. The cabinet maker may have to use their knowledge of wood and metal to find better materials and use more complicated and higher-quality construction methods.


At the highest end is entirely custom cabinetry. These cabinets are wholly made-to-order and offer the most diversity in style, material, finishes, and accessories. Like the semi-custom cabinets, you may be working closely with the cabinet maker on the design, materials, and installation of a custom cabinet. Intricate and complex construction and assembly techniques are often utilized with custom cabinets as part of their quality, such as dovetail joints. A cabinet maker has the opportunity to make full use of all of their skills, training, and knowledge when working with custom cabinets.

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