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What Does a $60-90k Kitchen Remodel Price Include?

December 6, 2021

If you are planning a kitchen remodeling project budget is a critical decision that we want to help you make. What does a $60-90k Kitchen Remodel Price include? In a previous blog, we talked about the features and services you can expect for a kitchen remodeling project of $25-45k. Some of those services included installing new cabinets, drywall, and flooring, keeping the existing water and plumbing lines, updating electrical outlets if needed, and more. A $30k budget is around the average budget of a kitchen remodel, so what would you get if you wanted a midrange, more extensive remodel? Here are some of the services you can expect to receive at a kitchen remodel price of around $60-90k.

High-End Cabinetry, Finishes & Trims

One of the most noticeable additions for projects with the $60-90k kitchen remodel price is that the cabinetry packages and furnishings come in higher quality trims and finishes. In a big-box chain store, you will find the cabinets on the lower end of the cost spectrum to have simple, straightforward designs, and the finishes are relatively basic, with limited paint colors and maybe some staining. At a higher price point, the cabinets will often be more intricate and complicated in their designs, often in the trim and molding connecting the cabinets to the ceiling and floor. The available finishes are also more numerous and higher quality, such as glazing to add texture and enhance the natural wood grain or finishes that prevent scratches or chips.

The same principle applies to the tiling, flooring, and wallpaper. For example, a $30k and a $70k kitchen remodel may replace old flooring with new materials, but the difference is in the materials. The $30k remodel may use luxury vinyl tile (LVT) for the new floor; the $70k remodel would use hardwood planks. At a higher budget, more money also goes towards the labor and time needed to make the cabinets, floors, tiling, and furnishings out of premium woods and metals that use more complex and detailed designs, thus being higher-quality work.

View of remodeled kitchen with fridge and hardwood floors | kitchen remodel price | Saturn Construction

Moving Walls

Another primary service offered at the $60-90k kitchen remodel price is moving walls within the kitchen. In the average kitchen remodeling project, the walls, both load-bearing, and non-load bearing, usually stay in place with some selective demolition of the drywall. For a mid-range kitchen remodel, the contractor is more likely to be demolishing or moving the walls of a kitchen. Removing load-bearing walls, in particular, adds to the cost of a remodel since the contractors have to install a new beam, build a new framing solution, and overall it requires more materials, expertise and labor.

Removing walls in your kitchen can bring many benefits. One, you have significantly more space to work with so that you and your family feel less cramped when preparing meals, cooking, dining, and entertaining. Second, removing walls in your kitchen opens up the possibility of changing the layout or adding new elements to your kitchen. For example, you may be remodeling your kitchen because you want to add an island and, therefore, extra need space. A midrange, $60-90k kitchen remodeling budget can allow you to add an island by tearing down a wall.

Extensive Wiring & Electrical Work

Midrange kitchen remodels can also include work done to update or revamp your wiring or electrics. Remodeling improves the value of your kitchen both through the materials used for cabinets, flooring, and other furnishing and woodwork. But often the unseen improved wiring and electrical work makes other updates possible. This is because many appliances and fixtures require new wiring or different placement of wiring and lighting. Some stoves or other appliance placements may require higher service loads.

One of the services Saturn Construction LLC offers, for example, is gutting all wiring and starting from scratch. New wiring helps bring your kitchen up to code, especially if you live in an older house. Your appliances can then be more efficient, and the chances of them performing optimally increases thanks to new wiring. We can also add a new subpanel to accommodate any new appliances.

Additions to Your Kitchen

At the $60-90k kitchen remodel price, some other additions you can add to your new kitchen include:

  • Pot fillers mounted above the stove to help save time and work
  • Bay or bow windows for a nook or extra seating
  • Garden windows to give you more space for plants in your kitchen

The $60-90k price range gives you plenty of options for how to improve the value and appearance of your kitchen.

Remodeled kitchen counter and floor next to sliding door | kitchen remodel price | Saturn Construction

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