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Why You Should Get Contractors to Install Hardwood Flooring

February 9, 2022

Getting contractors to install hardwood flooring is one of homeowners’ most popular home improvement choices, thanks to its appearance and durability. Experienced contractors can provide you with quality materials that will help keep your flooring looking beautiful for a long time. Contractors have the knowledge and experience to install hardwood flooring in various home constructions. A contractor can also help manage the project and guide you throughout the decision-making process.

Quality Materials

One of the most important reasons for hiring flooring installers and contractors is the quality of materials used. For your money, you want to make sure that your new hardwood flooring is high-quality, and the hardwood flooring materials Saturn uses meet those standards.

Our hardwoods are inherently long-lasting and can last even longer with regular maintenance. We work with high-end hardwood floor suppliers so that you can get various species of hardwood and construction types, such as engineered or solid wood flooring. In addition, some of the hardwoods we use have waterproof, scratch, and dent-resistant options. So when our contractors install hardwood flooring for you, certain hardwood choices we provide can make maintenance and cleaning more manageable.


Each house has unique dimensions and ages and is made from different materials. So every home has unique challenges that require various prep and installation methods. For example, many houses in Montgomery County, PA, are relatively old, some built earlier than 1959. Some houses we have worked on in places like Horsham or Warrington are close to 100 years old.

View of kitchen with island and door to patio | contractors install hardwood flooring | Saturn Construction LLC

As a result, the techniques and tools needed to remove and install hardwood flooring in those homes may differ from more contemporary ones. For example, removing old wide-plank floors (boards typically 8″ and wider) in an old house involves different work than replacing laminate flooring with hardwood in a more modern home.

A contractor who has installed hardwood flooring for many years will be familiar with various tools, techniques, and houses to give you the results you want. Homes in southeastern Pennsylvania are diverse: a broad mix of old homes from the 1920s to the 1950s, and newer homes ranging all the way to new houses built in the past few years. Our flooring installation contractors have a great deal of experience working with this diverse range of houses, so whatever the characteristics of your home may be, we can work with you and provide the hardwood flooring you desire.


Our contractors’ extensive experience in flooring design and installation allows them to help you make informed decisions on every aspect of the project. For example, knowing what flooring type is best suited to the space and how to prepare an area for new floors can be difficult for homeowners. Suppose you have a 200 square foot kitchen (around the national average) that you are remodeling, and you are unsure which hardwood floor material to use.

A contractor can help you choose the best hardwood option to use based on your budget, design preferences, and how you will use your kitchen. Then, according to your needs and desires, a seasoned flooring contractor can help you figure out the best course of action for the flooring project.

Reach Out To Saturn Construction LLC Today For Flooring Services

Are you looking to add hardwood flooring to your home or rental property? Are you interested in finding contractors to install hardwood flooring for you? Saturn Construction LLC can meet your needs with our flooring installation services, serving many homeowners and businesses in Philadelphia and Southeastern Pennsylvania. We have a team of qualified and experienced hardwood flooring installation contractors who will work with you to install new or renovate old flooring for your property. To get started on your project, reach out to us today.

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